You know the deal

It’s time for the Flash Fiction Friday unveiling. Poem this time since I am tight on time, but I hope it’s still enjoyable. Started this while at a conference this last weekend in between going to sessions and presenting (or should I say doing some verbal acrobatics that left me with my ears flush and my colleagues laughing  — and, yes, it involved “blows me” and “away”). So, take my extreme embarrassment into consideration as you read this and be gentle :).

Complexity Revisited

Life would have been easier
If he’d just said
No. To the tree’s green canopy
Straining against sky;
To the whiskey’s ringing
Against his frontal lobe;
To the ignorant bliss of moon,
Wet grass and frog croak;

To the body shudder;

To the smell of tobacco and cologne
And the memory his first love;
A woman whose foot twisted
Toward her knee, whose green eyes once

Scanned, scanned

In a darkness such as this, on a night such as this
In a place such as this, whose lips breezily brushed his
Like beautiful music gently tugging;

To the beading sweat dampening his hands,
His forehead; To the wife he never had, the child he
Never held, the world he never pierced;
To the earth’s lumps boring into his back;
To the tremble and bump, the shake
And scream of cell against cell,

Time against, time against;

To the jaws last clench, to fingers
Final touch, the eyes blink and shudder
The body’s single and lonely wonder

To the water that sprayed and satisfied;
To the tearing of bread; to touch and giggle
And orange-red sunsets; to the first
Steps, the first words, the first gazes, and the first sobs;
To the letting loose of one’s self;
He simply professed

“I am witness, I am witness.”

It was the hardest thing he’d ever done.

By Chad Rohrbacher

8 comments on “You know the deal

  1. Hey Cormac, yeah me either sometimes — this was about an old fart dying in the forest (if a tree falls) and he’s thinking about his life, telling the world that what more can we ultimately be but witnesses of it all

    well, that was the intention anyway — hahahaha

    Paul — glad to see you around — next week I hope to have time for a fiction piece since I’m workin on a few things. I bet if I could focus, life would be much easier.

  2. I tried writing some poetry for that “clarity of night” contest but NO, I can’t do it justice. That was a good job Chad, but I do, like Cormac and Paul, prefer stories. Look forward to yours next week. Thanks for the plug BTW. Top man.

  3. I like it. I cannot really relate why. Poetry does that to me. Like paintings, sculpture, etc. I like it or hate it but often do not know why. Perhaps it is the excellent way you put the regrets of Life into verse. Anyway, nice work.

  4. I liked it. I’ve been indifferent to poetry for some time now, but lately, I’ve found it sort of cleans the palate for prose. Not sure why. I think you cut right to the deep feeling part of this man’s story and just laid it out. Beautiful work.

  5. I have an appreciation for poetry, I just can’t write it. I think you did quiet well with this piece and it flowed well. Great job.

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