need some new books

C’mon people, give me some recs

By Chad Rohrbacher

4 comments on “need some new books

  1. I’m reading TRIGGER CITY by Sean Chercover right now. Great.
    LOST SISTER by Russel D. McLean was a recent awesome read.
    John McFetridge’s LET IT RIDE is coming out this month.
    Also just raced through a couple REACHER books by Lee Child.
    THE COLD ROOM by JT ELLISON is out soon.
    THE DEPUTY by Victor Gischler comes out in a couple of months.
    In the fall, you’ll wanna grab SKATING AROUND THE LAW by Joelle Charbonneau.

  2. I’m about a quarter of the way into “City of Dragons” by Kelli Stanley, good stuff. Check out her first, “Nox Dormienda,” a “proto-noir” set in Roman-occupied Britain.

    Ace Atkins’s “Devil’s Garden” is fairly good. It’s a fictional account tying the real Dashiell Hammett with the Fatty Arbuckle case. “The Long Fall” by Walter Mosely, where he really comes the closest that anyone has had to duplicating Ross Macdonald. “The First Rule” by Robert Crais, his best effort of his last six books, and “The Best American Crime Reporting 2009,” because you should always see just how surreal the reality of crime is.

  3. Currently reading “Contemplative Prayer” by Thomas Keating and gaining a new perspective of prayer/meditation/connection with God. Also, “It’s One O’Clock and Here Is Mary Margaret McBride” by Susan Ware a fond biography of the first woman in radio. I’ve just finished “RoadKill” by Chris Christie – an autobiography of a guy that survived a collision with a tractor trailer while riding his motorcycle – the book follows his recovery and personal life (which was a disaster) and quite a lot of madness going on in his head.

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