Turns out it does bring happiness. Whoddu-thunk-it

By Chad Rohrbacher

4 comments on “money

  1. Hi mate,

    So, what these professor types are saying is that the more money you have the happier you are. Utter b******s. Some of the worlds most suicidal, f*****-up dimwits are multi-millionaires (pop-stars, actors, heirs a heiresses etc, etc.)

    I’m more than happy with my life. I have a great wife and two beautiful daughters who make me smile everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn down having more money but it wouldn’t make that smile any bigger. 🙂

    Great post Chad and regards mate.

  2. Hey David — good to see you,

    What I found interesting/funny/sad or as I called it in the post the “uh, yeah” was the fact that those who are severly poor or in a 3rd world country money can equate to more happiness. The poorer you are, the more happy money can make you.
    Makes so much sense it hurts — I can’t eat, I can’t get clean water, I can’t get plumbing in my house, we don’t have electricity — money can bring them those things and makes significant improvement in their lives thus more happiness.

    And I believe they are saying is that at some point there is a levelling out, a plateau — that once your life is “comfortable” more money doesn’t affect your happiness. So indeed, your (and mine) experience would also bare that out.

    How’s the writing coming? Anything new in the works?

  3. Hey Chad,

    Work seems to be getting in the way at the moment. January was a bit quiet workwise so I started quite a few short stories and got to ripping 20,000 or so words apart of a novel I started a while back (before children, when my time was almost my own 😉 ) I should be posting something for this weeks FFF and try and get something over to TK’n’C and ATON. I’ve sent some work over to Pill Hill Press but still waiting to hear if they liked any of it. Fingers crossed. Stuck a post up on my blog the other night that I thought was funny. You should read it as it’s factual.

    Hope you’re keeping well and you’re busy with your writing. Regards buddy.

  4. Let me know how any of your prospects turn out — fingers crossed for ya.

    Yeah — saw yer post and linked to it yesterday? Day before? I can’t remember — it was great. Ah, the good ole days — crud, did I just type that out loud? — it was a joke, dear, a joke —

    cya on the intertubes 🙂

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