S & S Strolling the Back Alley

As I write I find myself with a small case of ADD. I write about 1500 words, get up and walk around, refill my coffee cup, stare out the bird feeders and if I don’t have those options available to me I stroll the back alleys of the intertubes where I catch up on news or new tech, where I read interviews of writers I enjoy, and ones I’ve never heard of before. I find books I want to read, and yes, my list is beyond a lifetime of straight reading. That’s why I love the tubes; I can find a number of great sites that offer many high-quality stories that are easily readable with 10 minutes.  That is roughly the amount of time I need to let my mind declutter so I can get started again.

Today while I was out decluttering I came across RAISING THE DEAD by Patricia Abbott over at The Back Alley. A moving tale that deserved our S & S today.

And this song is one of my favorites. Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor with Renee Neufville doing Forget Regret fits our story quite well and I hope you enjoy it. (BTW, this is also one of the finest live versions I’ve heard).

By Chad Rohrbacher

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