Wild acres writers

So, I got in and got professional development money to go! Whoohoo. I hope I get to work with Nancy Bartholomew — I mean, anyone who says this is my kind of writer:

People often ask “How do you come up with your plot ideas?” and “Is it hard, coming up with inventive ways to kill people off in your books?”

I just smile and say, “To tell you the truth, it’s really pretty easy.”

Her bio:

Nancy received a degree with a double major in Creative Writing and Psychology and still maintains a psychotherapy practice.

Originally from Philadelphia but now living in the south, Nancy draws on both geographic areas for her funny, spicy mystery books.

The first series, with protagonist Sierra Lavotini, exotic dancer and amatuer sleuth, has three books (two more under contract), Miracle Strip, Drag Strip and Film Strip from St. Martin’s Press. The second series features Maggie Reid, country singer and amatuer sleuth. This series has two books so far -Your Cheatin’ Heart and Stand By Your Man from Harper Collins.

And now I have some more reading to do before July!

By Chad Rohrbacher

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