S&S Incorruptible Highwaymen

The song and story go all western/fantasy/steampunk today, which is odd because, well, I don’t like cowboy hats. Bush ruined them for me.

But today’s story, another misnomer since it’s actually the first two chapters of his new book, is by John Hornor Jacobs. Check it out here.

And so I went back to the vault for this one — if you have something that might fit better, let me know 🙂 — enjoy

By Chad Rohrbacher

One comment on “S&S Incorruptible Highwaymen

  1. Hey! Thanks for the linkage. I owe you a beer. And while I love Willy et al, Waylon Jennings is the man. Nobody’s got a voice like his.

    This song is quite epic.

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