S&S Back to the Grind Version

3 birthdays, 1 spring carnival, 1 infected computer now brought back from dead, 1 writing deadline, 1 stack of grading (which is not as awful as it sounds because I get to read scripts), and 1 roof that probably needs to be replaced cause the shingles keep falling off, which I assume is a sign of such things.

With all that said, I look forward to sharing this story published over at Flash Pan Alley by Patricia Abbott (one of my favorite authors) entitled ” The Girl of My Dreams”.

The song, hmmmm; I think Monday should give us something to smile about (suggestion by Weddle)

By Chad Rohrbacher

2 comments on “S&S Back to the Grind Version

  1. Hey, thanks a lot, Chad. I didn’t know that site was still up.
    I am scrambling to write a story for your contest but I am pretty darn S-L-O-W. Fingers crossed. (Although that phrase is getting ubiquitous, isn’t it? Is email making us more cliche prone)

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