Good news

Been writing so MIA for awhile, but I do have some good news to share.

One of the stories “Paint Me a Victim, Make Me a Cause” in the series Oscar’s War was published on the 17th — I knew it was due out, but missed it because it’s been so crazy — here’s the link — it kind of sets up all the others.

Here’s another in the series called “Power Surges” which was previously published at Pulp Engine.

And I have the 3rd called “Furious” coming out on June 11th in Dark Valentine edited by Joy Sillesen, and published by Katherine Tomlinson. And don’t forget, Catherine Pope’s new book is out.

The fourth is “Breaking Knute” it’s due on July 1 in SilverBlade

Number 5 is in the works while number 6, which wraps up the series, is still kicking its way around my gray matter

Stop by the journals and take a look around.

By Chad Rohrbacher

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