the fever edition — it’s hot

then cold, then hot again.

Yes, it’s the first time in forever that I have been sick. Of course, the fever decides to rear it’s stupid head while I’m out with family and friends on this beautiful long weekend. Sky is blue, temp is perfect, and I’m wrapped up in 3 blankets shivering. And the worst part, I smell the meat cooking — those dirty bastards. I love this planet.

In between uncontrollable shaking and sleep I was able to read a few things on the nets and I think they’re quite good. I’d like you all to check them out and confirm that it’s not just the fever talking.

First a note that the WalMart stories done over at Patricia Abbot’s site were up by Untreeds Reeds for an ebook calledDiscount Noir. The stories are a lot of fun.

Richard Godwin and his Mustard Man cook something up for us over at Pulp Metal Magazine. Who knew serial killers liked the mandolin? Afterwards,  head over to Paul Brazil’s place to catch this interview with screenwriter Carol Parker.

Now off to sleep. Again.

By Chad Rohrbacher

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