Friday Sharing

Wow, the magazine Sick of Em really thinks my non-fiction full of it. What do they know?

And Gerald So rolls out the contributors of The Line Up #4. My poem “Madonna” will appear there with a lot of writers better than me, so check it out.

Meanwhile, Chuck Wendig has an insightful post on conflict in writing.

Friday share: A couple of poems I just never tire of reading: Andrew Hudgins “Praying Drunk“, Stephen Dunn’s “At the Smithville Methodist Church “, Carolyn Forche’s “The Colonel”, and Larry Levis “Winter Stars“.

Here’s the first stanza of “Praying Drunk”. I’m not steering you wrong, I promise.

Praying Drunk


Our Father who art in heaven, I am drunk.
Again. Red wine. For which I offer thanks.
I ought to start with praise, but praise
comes hard to me. I stutter. Did I tell you
about the woman whom I taught, in bed,
this prayer? It starts with praise; the simple form
keeps things in order. I hear from her sometimes.
Do you? And after love, when I was hungry,
I said, Make me something to eat. She yelled,
Poof! You’re a casserole!—and laughed so hard
she fell out of the bed. Take care of her.
Lastly, some very good people wrote about riding the rails over at Flash Fiction Friday, a community writing project — go see what they came up with.
Whew, that ought to keep you crazy people busy  for a while. Happy writing and reading.
By Chad Rohrbacher

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