I hate you blog

Yes, Mr. Blog, it has been awhile. No, don’t give me any shit for it you needy little shit.

First things first, The Glass Coin is accepting submissions. F3, a flash fiction weekly writing group open to all that’s hosted by myself, Ron Earl, and Darren is open for business. Icarus’ Flight to Perfection, hosted by Nicole Hirshi and Cormac Brown, offers a prompt and a few weeks to develop a story with a little more meat.

There’s a few mags that I highly recommend checking out.

Title Goes Here — you want horror? Here you got it.

Pulp Empire — a lot of all things pulp goodness.

The Lineup — a magazine of poetry on crime. You can still get an advance copy for $8. It will also be pimped on Seth Harwood’s CrimeWav podcast.

Yellow Mama — crime and more crime edited by Cindy Rosmus. The warnings are there for a reason 🙂

And Crime Factory who has an anthology coming out soon which, I believe will be available in multiple formats.

Speaking of some good story telling, put Anthony Neil Smith’s book, Choke on Your Lies, on your Kindle or Kindle app on your phone (you know you need something to do other than play Tetris while at the dentist waiting to get drilled). It’s only .99 cents, people.

Kathleen Kearns has a wonderful blog about her worldwide journeys. Not only are her posts beautiful, she delivers a sense the of a place like very few people can.

If you haven’t heard of Pure Slush, go get your feet wet.

Now let me go get some work done.

By Chad Rohrbacher

One comment on “I hate you blog

  1. Yessir, I’ll get right on it. Love the “…don’t give me any shit for it you needy shit.” I’m sayin! Blogs are bitches. Love the lineup here—yeah, yeah Rosmus rocks—and thanks for the #FF. I’ll be under the porch hiding from my bitch blog.

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