Father and Son

Dreamers Are Gluttons


Over A Bowl Of Potato And Corn Soup, Mr. Marvin Tells Me How He Castrated Baby Goats. – for Marvin O’Neal

Love Poem #1

Leather Death Fruit And Flying — A Consideration

The Mechanic Takes on Language

135th & Crossing

It Could’ve Been

Kermit’s Jazz

The Muse



In Time

Bottomed Out Language

Such Fears

Spreading Out Histories

Days Unfold

There is a Flutter of Noise in My Head

One comment on “Poetry

  1. 135 & crossing

    The lady in the poem is walking down the in a hurry as If if she is running late. She seems to be only concerned about getting to where she is going with no regard to others on the street. She passes a man selling flowers and knocks them down accidentally. The smile she throws over her shoulder might be like an apology for not being able to help him pick them up. Or maybe she gets some kind of kick out of him having to pick them up while she walks down the road and ignores it. The man is left picking up the mess left from her carelessness. The author says he is left collecting his life instead of the flowers. This may be because the flowers are how he makes his living or it may have an even deeper meaning.

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