North Carolina Writer’s Network

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet writers from across the state. It was a well attended one day conference on UNCG’s campus that also sported some great regional/small presses like Press 53. The only bad thing: we were inside on a beautiful day.

I attended two small sessions and the author readings. The first session was on speculative science fiction run by Edmund Schubert. He’s the editor of Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show and a fine writer. He read a ghost story with a twist, a funny twist.

I do wish I had an opportunity to meet the poet, Joseph Mills. During his reading he shared some brilliant, simple moments that were rife with everyday humor. What is fantastic about his poetry was how accessible it was while still having a tight lyric. He did remind me of Stephen Dunn and Scott Cairns. Highly recommend

I had a great time seeing some old friends from Wildacres and meeting new ones and I look forward to the next writer’s conference in September under the arch.

Here is Schurbert and Mills at the close of the day 

Heads Up

I found some good reading on the intertubes and thought I’d give some well-deserved shout outs:

Cindy Rosmus’ story, Homesick, is over at newfleshmagazine. Aaannd they have a free e-book.

PulpMetalMagazine hosts one of Richard Godwin’s stories. Well worth it.

You like comics? Well, there’s this guy, Walt Kneeland, that does these reviews at his blog and at cxpulp that you might be interested in.

Did you hear Poetic Justice Press is making an e-book and it’s going coming out in August? Well, now you did.

Sabrina Ogden over at They Call Me Kate has some good news.

Val Nieman’s Blood Clay from Press 53 is out.

And now for some self promotion:

May 4th you’ll get a chance to see my story “Kids Are Mean” at Shotgun Honey. If you didn’t take  look at the site from my Facebook or Twitter posts yet, then maybe you should catch up — great stuff from a new mag.

“To Honor and Obey” will appear in Yellow Mama in issue # 26 (June 15). Yes, that Yellow Mama. Some wild, wild stories in this issue. Still working through them, but good stuff so far.

One of my zombie stories is coming out at Title Goes Here in July — it’s a mouthful.

And another zombie story that gives a whole new take on bible camps is coming out in the anthology CHIVALRY IS DEAD by May/December Press. Look for it right around father’s day. By the way, you should check out their other books. A lot of great horror in them there pages.

Pulp Empire #7 is due out in November and, yep, it sports one of my stories. If you follow me on Twitter, maybe you’ve checked them out already.

“I See Black Light” will be in a future issue of one of the premier crime/noir mags out there: Beat to a Pulp — rock on.

And the legendary Mysterydog accepted a killer story for a future issue of Darkest Before Dawn. Pub date forthcoming. This is one story that the character just won’t leave me alone, so I think I’ll have to go back to him and let him do more things in a few more stories.